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All donations via Paypal go directly to hosting our teamspeak server.  Pope is handling all funds for renewal now for 2013-2014. Your donations are appreciated.
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AnimusRW, Sep 11, 13 2:06 PM.

Fleet goals May:
  • KDF - 61 Days for Tier 5 Starbase Tactical
  • FED - 10 Days for Tier 5 Military (Tier 5 Science completed!)

No Win Scenario Superguide
Builds and information for us to beat this as a group!

Recommended Gear Purchases! 
A quick list of the recommended gear to get for your ship! Fleet Gear Price List!

Crit Calculator!
See what your crit chance is and how to optimize it !

Season 8 Guide
All the exciting news about Season 8 has been compiled in one thread on our forums for all to see, the new rep system, new gear, new fleet spire.  Take the time to read through and see all the goodies coming soon!

Top Donators in our fleets, thank you for your generous donations!

animusrevertendi Total 55,373,750
kemponid Total 23,050,480
sven2561 Total 11,589,787
sanaise Total 10,298,593
andrew.vandyk Total 10,247,085
raiyzal Total 9,398,932
khainesbl Total 8,983,614
alakron Total 8,601,723
karapoyraz Total 8,141,343
rgrins Total 8,058,604
bullschizzy Total 7,231,255
merrick1992 Total 6,117,963
pope_rw Total 5,157,473
texxx Total 4,833,953
quepan Total 4,126,740
keithcooper1966 Total 3,544,352
makall Total 2,814,498
spacepig2 Total 2,651,713
jerkwadthesecond Total 2,342,327
longwinger Total 2,242,090
luke3424 Total 2,240,055
almatty Total 2,196,084
imarookie Total 2081152
doffebb Total 2,080,200
szponixx Total 1,930,263
ramoo69 Total 1,849,671
tedroberson Total 1,650,436
shiggerksc Total 1,623,763
micromaster Total 1,542,013
telemetrus Total 1,085,878
roelandm Total 1,031,995

I've had some people ask why join REDWING?  why have all your characters in our fleets. Why play different games and share the same voice chat?

REDWING has been a community now for over 4 years.  While we have had our share of people come and go, as well as occasional disagreements as most social groups have, I am happy to see many of the founding members still stick around with us and enjoy gaming together. One thing REDWING has always tried to do, whether it be in STO or BSG, is to excel in the game we are in.  In STO, our small group of 15-20 active players has outperformed MEGA fleets of 500+ players.  Its our passion for gaming, competitiveness and sense of working together to achieve common goals that is the driving force of our group.

Some reasons to join our gaming community.

1)  COMMUNITY, Become a part of a gaming community.  Spreading yourself over multiple fleets means you do not have a home and are playing for the sake of getting gear.  Having the best gear in the world pales towards having regular fleet mates you can chat and enjoy the game with.  Immerse yourself in an international group with many different backgrounds and stories to tell.

2) STORE ACCESS,  With every toon you have in the fleet, your fleet credit total is increased just by having more and more resources available with more toons.  By donating on all your toons you gain more credits for our contests we run, giving away over 100 million EC of prizes every few months!  Being a small fleet there is lots of provisions available, as opposed to joining in mega fleet and not having enough provisions to go around.  Having an always on store access is a great bonus which few if any fleets will offer most members, unless you are in fleet leadership.

3) PERKS, Free voice chat and website/forums for all members.  Whether you play MWO, STO or any other game you can enjoy being part of the community and have a small close knit group to play with.  Our core group has been together now over 4 years and still going strong. 

4) COMPETITION,  REDWING has attitude,  we want to be the destroy our competition.  REDWING loves PVP,  and we will continue to look for games in which team pvp is an integral part.  Currently we are looking to have more established LANCE groups in MWO as well as regular PVP matches and clinics in STO. 

5) CONTESTS, REDWING has regular contests for both recruiting, member of the month, ballot contests for donations etc.  We like to reward players who commit to our group and acknowledge everyone's contributions.  In a small fleet like ours you are not just a number or fodder, you are an integral part of a team and can make a difference.



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